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Toni Greene, Owner
Change Is Welcome
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Change Is Welcome

Change is constant, change always happens whether we want it to or not. Somehow we dont always welcome change because we feel comfortable in our present situation. We feel in control of our situations, may it be bad or good. We somehow manage to live our lives in the present not realizing that we need to change. When change comes, it comes in a way where we have no control over the changes that occur and as a result we have to change.
Change can be in your health, it could improve or you can become ill. Change has a lot to do with how you view your present situation, and whether or not you eat the right foods for your blood type, or doshas. Changes can also occur in the mind and body due to the lack of responsibility you take in caring for yourself, loved ones, friends and neighbors.
Changes in the environment or weather can have a vast impact on the well being of your mind and body. When the seasons change we sometimes suffer from allergies, cold, flu and other respiratory imbalances that occur within the body.
The leaves undergo changes in color due to the lack of sufficient nutrients needed to stay green, and because of that, we get a variety of beautiful colors, which as a result helps us to meditate on the mysteries of the creator, leaving us feeling in awe of the universe.
Winter comes when there is a change in the atmosphere causing snow, ice, sleet or just rain. We dont always like rain; however, the rain is needed for our health as well as for the environment.
Change in our government due to a newly elected president, Mr. Obama, who in turn promises us change as well. The new president elect will bring change to the history of our nation and the world. Yes, we can change and we will change. Change is possible and will happen whether we want it to or not.

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