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Lisa Bauer
Cellulite Is Serious -" Achieve Overall Wellbeing and Look Great with Endermologie
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Cellulite Is Serious -" Achieve Overall Wellbeing and Look Great with Endermologie

Did you know that the dimpling skin you see is just a symptom? The problem exists deep inside the body where fat has gotten trapped. The health of your skin, including the appearance of cellulite isnt just about cosmetics what you see on the outside is a symptom of larger health issues.

Cellulite isnt the cause, its only the effect. Its the final effect of fatty deposits and toxins trapped in pockets of your connective tissue. The excess fat puts in motion a default domino effect that eventually shows up as the “orange peel” look of cellulite.

Cellulite in a nut shell? Trapped fat limits the ability of your body to naturally release fluids back out through the skin. Even if youre drinking enough water, the fluids have no where to go and cause an edema-like (bloating) appearance. Because the trapped fat gradually impairs blood flow, it also affects your circulation. Proteins become trapped and the inevitable consequence is lymphadema which means your lymphatic system is impaired. Finally, wherever there is lymphedema, theres fibrosis the edema and fibrosis stiffen the tissue and your blood vessels are simply unable to do their job. Not a pretty scene is it?

Hopefully, youre coming around to understanding that not only is cellulite un-attractive, its also potentially harmful to your health. The extra stored fat can affect you heart, blood pressure, cholesterol and more. You deserve to be healthy, and you deserve to take care of yourself.

Its time to listen to your body, get healthy and also beat the unsightly appearance of cellulite. Its time to experience Endermologie and lipomassage. The fact is that Endermologie works. Its a tried and true approach for reducing the appearance of cellulite, firming the skin and delivering the therapeutic results you need.

What is Endermologie and Lipomassage?

Endermologie is a safe, gentle and non-surgical technology that breaks down fat cells trapped between the connective tissue. Endermologie has been around for over a decade and continues to yield positive results. Lipomassage by Endermologie is the latest evolution of the technology, and actually accelerates the process of releasing the fat and streamlining the body.

How does Endermologie work?

The treatment is applied via a high powered machine and performed by a certified technician. The technician uses a hand held device with rollers and vacuum like suctions. The rollers create a gentle skin fold which facilitates the process. Once the fat is broken down, the excess fluid and toxins are sent back into the blood stream and leave the body naturally.

Benefits of Endermologie

The cosmetic results of Endermologie really happen by default. Aside from inch loss and body contouring, the treatment smoothes, tones, and firms the skin creating a radiant and healthy appearance.

Health wise, Endermologie improves local blood circulation and lymphatic circulation allowing fluids to naturally be released through your skin. For individuals living with chronic muscle pain, such as fibromyalgia Endermologie can provide much needed relief.

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