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Gail Troussoff Marks
Build a Star
Silver Stars Gymnastics

Build a Star

Everyone wants to be a star or have his or her child become a star in some aspect of his or her life. Here are some thoughts to help B.U.I.L.D. that star feeling and capabilities in your child. The examples are taken from teaching gymnastics to kids and coaching parent-child gymnastics classes, but the approach can be applied in all life situations.
Find moments to praise your child. Positive, specific comments motivate. “You tucked your chin nicely on that forward roll” builds more confidence and self-esteem than “Good job.” Cheerfully encourage your child “Now, you try!” or “Lets go, you can do it!” Listen for proud “I can!” exclamations.
Be positive A positive attitude is encouraging and confidence building. A negative person can get everyone around them complaining and finding faults. A negative attitude stifles creativity, energy, productivity, and breeds malaise. Instead look for something good, be pleasant to those around you, and others will want to help. You might miss the latest back stabbing trivia, but instead you get to see another persons face light up as your upbeat demeanor lifts their spirit. Watch the enthusiasm grow when class is fun and upbeat.
U (You) try There is the old adage, “Youll never know unless you try.” It is so true. As a parent, it is hard to hand a task over to a child knowing that is may not be done in the way an adult would do it. Parental patience is often called on to not take over work that is being done slowly. A child puts energy into trying a new skill when they are encouraged.
I can Doing something yourself is so empowering. Hopefully, we have all had moments when we have found out that “I can,” and found out that you can do it. It is wonderful to see the joy that exudes out of a child when they exclaim “I did it!” That child has just proved to themselves that they can do it.
Lets go Often the hardest part of any project, homework, or new assignment is getting started. Kids may be hesitant to try new things. Generate excitement and enthusiasm so kids cant wait to get moving.
Do it Stop talking, watching, dreaming, or just sitting and do it. Again, starting into something is often the hardest part. Watching or thinking is generally passive. Doing it is active.
So, Be positive, U try, I can, Lets go, Do it.

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