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Wanzhu Hou, LAc
Benefits From Integrative Medicine
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Benefits From Integrative Medicine

The integrated practice of Chinese and Western medicine is gaining popularity due to its high rate of accurate diagnoses and effectiveness, as well as its minimal side effects. The integrated practice of Chinese and Western medicine is particularly advantageous in the treatment of cancer, since it combines the advantages of both the modern Western medical practice, which is more effective in treating the cancer, and the Chinese medical practice, that lowers the side effects during the process.
Years of clinical experience demonstrate there are four principles of the integrated practice of Chinese and Western medicine the integration of diagnosis and treatment, the integration of anti-cancer treatment and body-resistance strengthening therapy, the integration of partial and integral treatment, and the integration of short term treatment and long term recuperative medical care. Guided with these principles, we are able to optimize the effectiveness of treatment.
In more detail, the integration of Chinese and Western medicine has the following aspects
1. Surgery It is, without a doubt, a good choice to remove a tumor through surgical operation. However, by complementing the operation with traditional Chinese medicine, it is possible to accelerate the recovery, improve the immunity of the patients, and prevent recurrence and metastasis of tumors.
2. Chemotherapy Chemotherapy can be more effective when combined with traditional Chinese medicine. For example, Poria polysaccharide, if used alone, does not inhibit tumors. However, when it is used together with cyclophosphamide (a medicine for chemotherapy), it significantly improves the anti-cancer effect of cyclophosphamide. Chinese medicine also abates side effects such as reaction from the digestive canal, arresting of bone marrow, nerve injury and visceral damage.
3. Radiotherapy Radiotherapy is effective in controlling and terminating tumors. However, it also produces many side effects and other pathological conditions. Combining radiotherapy and Chinese medicine can strengthen the sensitivity of the tumor to radiotherapy and reduce relevant side effects and pathological conditions. It can also help after treatment, by preventing the recurrence and metastasis of tumors in the future, and thus increase overall probability of surviving.
4. Immunotherapy Over the past few years, many clinical and animal experiments have shown that Chinese medicine has multiple impacts on immunization. It can serve as an immunization enhancer, immunization suppressor, immunization regulator, and anti-anaphylactic carrier.
The mission of an integrated clinic is to treat patients by combining Chinese and Western medical principles, in order to enhance the effectiveness of treatment and increase the possibility of survival and long term cure rates. Chinese medicine and Western medicine can learn from the others strong points to offset the weaknesses of both.
Integrative medicine is not just simply Western medicine plus Chinese medicine or other medicines. This complicated method of treatment varies according to cancer type, location, properties of the tumor, and cancer stage. Using both Chinese and Western medical strengths, higher recovery rates may be achieved, which is the goal of all involvedthe Chinese medical doctor, the Western medical doctor and the patient. The hope is that every cancer patient receives integrative medicine.

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