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Sherry Dmytrewycz, SEA, SRT
Baggage, History, and Diamonds Things That Affect Our Happiness
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Baggage, History, and Diamonds Things That Affect Our Happiness

What you surround yourself with, even what you have stored away, has an impact on your energy level. Some of the things you surround yourself with are “baggage,” some are “history,” and some are “diamonds.” These terms reflect the relative impact the objects have on your happiness and peace of mind.

Baggage represents items that have negative energy or negative memories attached to them. History items have neutral energy and are often items that are functional and that you picked up to fulfill a need. Diamonds are objects that awe or inspire you by their beauty or just bring a smile and/or a happy memory.

People need to focus on removing the baggage, the negative energy
items in your surroundings, and increasing the diamonds, the positive energy items.

You can donate the baggage item, sell it, or give it away secure in the knowledge that you are increasing the amount of positive energy and joy in your life.

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