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Deborah Frantz, Owner
Aqua Chi Living Energy Medicine
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Aqua Chi Living Energy Medicine

Imagine a treatment where there are no pills, no drugs and no pain.Imagine a treatment that uses an energy so natural it doesnt cause side effects.Imagine a treatment that uses a living, life force energy. An energy described by the ancient Chinese as chi.
The knowledge of the treatment of chi has been around since the beginning of medicine, yet has never really been understood until more recent times.This treatment has been termed as aqua chi;aqua meaning water and chi meaning living energy or life force.
The eastern philosophy is based on how energy flows and interacts, while western medicine is about chemicals and their interactions. Many people believe in both the western and eastern ways of understanding health and the body. For many years the difference between the eastern and the western practices was that the eastern was focused on treating the body to prevent ill health occurring, while western ways focused on repairing the body after the damage was done.
Today things are a little different with a much larger emphasis on
prevention in western medicine; however popping pills to fix things can sometimes become popping pills to prevent things. It doesnt have to be that way. The answer is right in front of you water and the energy that flows within it.
An aqua chi session is a great way to start to bring your body back in balance.Most people feel relaxed with more mental clarity and energy after their session.

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