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Tommy Lee, owner
Anti-Aging Nourishing Your Cells
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Anti-Aging Nourishing Your Cells

The moment we are born we begin the aging process. We have the weapon to fight disease and aging with something called superoxide dismutase. We get half of it from each of our parents. Its our natural antioxidant that fights and neutralizes free-radicals.
In our population, 60% of us have only one functional superoxided dimutase gene and 20% have no functional gene.That is why introducing antioxidant formulas into our daily regimens is vitally important.
Antioxidants could be considered a sort of life insurance policy against aging and its visible effects. Its a weapon in our arsenal to fight those pesky free radicals that rob us of a longer life expectancy. Antioxidants are our protectors and lower our risk of developing many diseases and illnesses
Free radicals are basically little marauders bouncing through our cells causing damage everywhere they go. You might wonder why and how they are formed in the first place. In our bodies we have a process called oxidation. It creates free radicals, and it goes on every day through our normal metabolic processes and through exposure to our environment.
Lets compare our bodies to an automobile. Say you buy a beautiful, brand new car and with no thought to the consequences you leave it outside with the hood, trunk and doors open. Imagine you allow it to sit outside like that through every kind of weather imaginable. Eventually the car would begin to rust and one day it would be too late to repair. All you would have is a rusted heap of metal.
Our bodies are like that car in many ways. We too are a machine that needs to be well cared for. If we allow free radicals to run rampant through our bodies and do nothing about it we will have deterioration of our bones, joints and connective tissue. Our organs will wear out and our immune system will break down and become unable to “fight off disease and all the visible effects of the aging process. You could say we can “rust” just like than automobile.
This may sound very scary and perhaps thats a good thing. Its time to arm yourself with the information youll need to improve the health and wellness of yourself and your family.
Everything we do, from each breath we take, the food we eat and even the sun causes oxidation within our bodies and with it free radical formation.

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