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Toni Greene, Owner
Affording Summer
Happy Hour Yoga Center
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Affording Summer

Summer is here, we have been waiting for this season all year long and it has finally arrived. What have you done so far this summer? Please dont say that its too hot to do anything, it is supposed to be hot out. This is the season to get out and about. Dont worry about the heat, most places have air conditioning. You probably are worried about the price of gas, who can afford to go anywhere these days?
The good thing about gas being so high is that it keeps us at home or at least close to home. The high prices make us more inclined to hang out in our own neighborhoods and avoid using up the gas in our tanks. We are becoming more organized because we combine our trips, set aside certain days to run errands and think about how much driving we are really doing. In the past, if we forgot something along the way we would just go back and pick it up; now it has to wait until you go that way again.
The gas prices will never be what they were. We have to adjust to the changes of the times. Now the question is how to adjust to these exorbitant prices if we still need to go certain places. Think about riding together, carpooling to work, running errands with a friend or neighbor to save on fuel.
Now is a good time to check your local papers to see what is happening in and around your community. There are community pools, parks or playgrounds in the area. Have a picnic or invite friends and neighbors over for a backyard barbeque.
Get out of the house and get to know the stores and restaurants in your community. Your local businesses will be happy to see you. Go to neighborhood beaches which are abundant in this part of Maryland. Try to make the best of these high gas prices and enjoy your local community.

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