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Don J. Fontana, MD, PA
A Little Can Make A Difference 2009
Don Fontana, MD

A Little Can Make A Difference 2009

The beginning of a new year is both exciting and daunting. No one knows what the future will bring, though one thing is known for certain for those who will be ready to celebrate 2010. We will age and look older between now and 2010. Aging gracefully is a good thing, but looking older than your age is not. The economy has created a wonderful opportunity for many patients who wish to age gracefully without the expense of large and expensive surgery. Little, less invasive or non-invasive procedures can often be the remedy to slow down father time. These simple procedures are often termed “quick fixes, “because the patient sees either immediate results or changes that develop quickly over time. They are office procedures, require no outpatient surgery, have little or no recovery period and are relatively inexpensive. The results are natural and relatively long lasting for their expense. There are risks with any of these “minor” techniques, particularly when they are administered by physicians not trained in plastic surgery.
The little things which can be used with immedlate results are the facial fillers. Deep folds and creases of the face can be improved immediately in a plastic surgeons office in less than ten minutes. When a nerve block is performed, there is virtually no pain. Creases around the lips can be lessened and if the patient desires fuller lips, the result is immediate. The pesky crows feet around the eyes, wrinkles of the forehead and deep frown lines respond beautifully to Botox. It is true that the improvement may last only 3-4 months, but for that period, the degree of facial rejuvenation is significant; just ask a friend who has had it done.
Superficial or deep chemical peels are a great aid to reducing fine facial lines on a more permanent basis. These peels are more lasting than microdermabrasion and are office procedures. For patients who need a “tweak tightening,” of the facial skin or mild elevation of the brows or mild tightening of upper or lower eyelid skin . consider a ThermageTM treatment. This is a noninvasive technique to tighten skin. Some patients see an improvement immediately with a continued improvement over the next six months.
The cost for these procedures is less than it was one year ago. Many plastic surgeons are offering discounts to their patients and to new patients. The time could not be better to consider having a little procedure done by a qualified plastic surgeon.

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