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Anthony T. Hardnett, DC
Simplify Your Life and Health
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Simplify Your Life and Health

Simplify Your Life and Health

Try a Medical One-Stop Shop

Everything seems to be getting more convenient these days, from one-click shopping on Amazon, to being able to watch the latest movies from your couch with the push of a button. Everything sure is convenient…except for when it comes to going to the doctor. And going to the specialist. And going back to your primary care doctor for a follow up. And on and on and on.

If every other business is trying to make things more convenient for consumers, isn’t it time for healthcare to catch up?

Good news, local medical one-stop shops can make quality care accessible and convenient for everybody.

Whether you’re looking for a new physician for chronic condition management, or looking to lose a few (or more) pounds for the new year, there are many benefits to having all of your medical care under one roof.

For starters, it’s convenient for you. You don’t have to worry about driving all over town to see different specialists or make multiple appointments. One-stop shops often have all the care you need right under one roof. 

Another reason that a one-stop-shop style of healthcare office is so attractive to patients is having a provider that is familiar with your entire health history. When you visit a one-stop shop healthcare center, you’re gaining a partner in your health. This also makes it easier for your wellness team to customize wellness and treatment plans for you.

One-Stop Medical Care For Pain: Debilitating pain can make everyday living hard to endure. Access to chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, natural pain management, and medical pain relief for musculoskeletal conditions, injury rehabilitation and chronic pain all under one roof certainly can make one’s life easier. The most advanced chiropractic and physical therapy treatments from a team of medical providers at a one-stop shop practice seeks to address your symptoms and develop custom treatment plans that ensure long-term solutions for pain relief and various ailments.

Eliminating the need to run across town to various appointments is not only convenient, it’s the difference between patients in pain complying with recommended medical treatments, or not. 

Management Of Chronic Conditions: Chronic conditions are challenging and can be difficult to manage. When left untreated or properly managed, it can lead to costly and painful complications. Another attractive benefit is when offices combine conventional medical approaches with other integrative healing modalities under one roof they can better help patients be proactive in their health, especially when it comes to managing their chronic conditions, such as diabetes.

Preventive Care: Unfortunately, doctors see it all the time; many patients “feel” fine and only see doctors when they’re visibly ill. However, preventive care is crucial, and it is so important to us. When you go to a one-stop style healthcare office, your health team will work with you through education and personalized wellness plans to ensure you stay healthy year-round.

Wellness: A variety of wellness initiatives are available that you may not even know are options to helping you live healthier and feel better on a daily basis, ranging from IV supplemental therapy to bio-identical hormone pellets, to medical weight loss, to massage services. One-stop medical shops have all the treatments available so you look and feel your best every day.

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