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Yemi Adesanya-Famuyiwa, MD
Treatment For Male Infertility
Montgomery Fertility Center
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Treatment For Male Infertility

In some severe cases, no treatment is available for male infertility, but many times, treatment provides a cost-effective resolution to the problem that will allow the couple to achieve a pregnancy naturally. Several conditions, such as blocked ducts and varicoceles, can be treated surgically.

Current research has found that replacement of hypothalamic or pituitary hormones achieves excellent results in the rare condition of hypothalamic or pituitary deficiency. Other effective treatment approaches are to correct the underlying illness or to stop the use of medication causing the infertility.

A final option is in vitro fertilization. This approach, which often requires sophisticated treatment of the egg using microsurgery, has become increasingly effective in recent years.

It is frequently used due to the lack of clinical evaluation of the infertile male and in some cases when more specific treatments for male infertility are unavailable.

Endocrinologists are experts in male reproductive hormones and sperm development. An endocrinologist can help determine the cause of the infertility in the male partner, and when possible, provide the necessary treatment to improve the chances of conception.

Endocrine research has produced increased knowledge in two main areas:

1. How hypothalamic and pituitary hormones regulate both sperm and the production of male hormones

2. How factors within the testicle promote the development of sperm

To improve treatment for male infertility, research is needed on the factors that impair the production, maturation or fertilizing power of sperm.

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