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Marcia B. Levi, DC
Loving Your Heart Healthy An Open Letter
Optimal Care Chiropractic

Loving Your Heart Healthy An Open Letter

Dear Friend,
As you may recall February is regularly celebrated internationally as heart awareness month and the declarations of love with symbols of roses, chocolate, candy and oh yes heart shaped balloons are everywhere. Well it is that special time again so may I invite you to take a loving stroll through our bodies and visit our hearts for old times sake.
Come along and don't be shy, after all even if your heart has been proverbially broken before we know it mends very well with time so let's go. Where should we start you ask? Why right at your heart of course. It is a very good place to start and there is an A and a B and a C. Come with me.
A is for the Action of your heart. The action of your heart muscle dictates filling itself with used blood, then passes your blood through to the lungs for purification and then back out to the rest of your body including your brain. As a muscle, your heart loves to be strengthened by cardiovascular exercises. Don't forget to do your exercises regularly. The chambers of your heart all four of them work in unison to a smooth rhythmic beat set by your pacemaker and the sound echoes sweetly in your chest. Stop and listen for a minute. Can you hear it? No, then listen on someone's chest or put your hand to your chest and feel the sweet rhythm. Powerful!
B is for your Brain that receives fresh blood from your heart. Fill with clean, refreshed oxygen and lots of other goodies your blood helps your brain to perform one of its' main functions. You see the nervous system controls every function in your body. Every cell in your body is controlled by your nervous system and your brain, spinal cord and nerves make up this very important system. Well one of those nerves, the Vagus nerve, travels directly through your neck and to your lungs, stomach and oh yes your heart and several other organs. Keeping your spine stress less is paramount to helping this nerve do its job. Let's make sure your neck is not tight or stiff. Eat right, exercise and getting regular chiropractic care may all help you. Love your heart healthy.
C is for Chiropractic the art, science and philosophy dedicated to relieving the body of the effects of stress naturally. As a Chiropractor I am trained to remove nerve interference so that your body can function optimally. This Valentine's Day love your heart. Chocolates are great, cookies even better and the roses are a sight for sore eyes.
See your chiropractor for a checkup to determine whether you are on the path to fully maximizing your heart's great health.

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