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Gwen Beverly, Medical Hair Loss Specialist
Hair Loss Specialists Offer Real Solutions To Medical Hair Loss
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Hair Loss Specialists Offer Real Solutions To Medical Hair Loss

The thought of losing your hair is stressful and disturbing for both women and men. A natural appearance and hairstyle is an important part of your well-being and self-esteem.

The good news is that there are specialists certified in the artful design of innovative solutions that alleviate medical and natural hair loss concerns. It goes without saying that an educated professional can best help you determine which course of action is ideal for you. Specialists who have served many individuals with hair loss are uniquely qualified to help you achieve optimal results.

Prostheses and Wigs

Prostheses and wigs are available that are individually designed and hand-crafted with a distinctive style for each client. They can offer beauty, comfort and rich, natural color. Specialists in hair loss are trained to know how to select the softest lightweight materials to ensure the ultimate in comfort and natural appearance. Prostheses and wigs are typically made by hand with human hair strands or synthetic materials that is very close to human hair to provide the bounce and appearance of natural hair.

You don't have to settle for machine-stitched rows of synthetic nylon materials that irritate your scalp and cause discomfort. Nor should you be content with the “wiggy,” unflattering appearance that is often associated with standard wigs. The more natural you look, the better you will feel. Not only about your appearance, but about yourself, too.


Hair Restoration For Men

If you're like most men, you've heard a lot about baldness alternatives. You might have even considered just shaving your head as an easy and socially-acceptable alternative. While pharmaceuticals, lotions and potions can give you false hope, they only put off the inevitable. Effect works for most men, but not for all. Your local hair loss specialist can guide you in the right direction for your particular hair loss concerns.

Medical Hair Loss

In cases of medical hair loss, it's wise to consult with a professional before losing your hair if possible, so that color, style and length can be determined. As well, if you've already made preparations for impending hair loss you'll be able to conceal it at a time of your choosing.

Whatever your cause of hair loss, and whether you're a man or women, consider a consultation with a local hair loss specialists to find out what hair loss solutions are best for you.

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