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I Have Picked a Few Pediatricians, Now What?
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I Have Picked a Few Pediatricians, Now What?

There are some obvious priorities when choosing a pediatrician like location, insurance, and reputation, but there are a few more things you might consider before deciding.

Many pediatric offices have websites which give you a lot of information on their operations, background on their physicians and clinical staff, and philosophy of care.

The offices with a more responsive awareness and consideration of the increasing reliance on electronic media will have additional features on their website such as patient portals may have developed extensive resources that can help you help yourself.

Prenatal or introductory visits are also a consideration. There is nothing like getting firsthand knowledge of the office through a visit that lets you see the physical setting, and give you the opportunity to speak with one of the doctors, get some background health information, and an explanation of how things work.

Look around the office and decide if it's patient friendly. Do you feel welcome there? Do they have a lab on site to take care of the routine problems commonly encountered in a pediatric office? Are there other services available that support the care they provide such as lactation, developmental, psychological and education specialists?

Questions I Should Ask the

If this office sees newborns in the hospital, what happens to mom and dad through the delivery and when do you get to see and examine the baby? If your child is admitted for a medical or surgical problem, what will happen and how will they be involved?

If there is a problem and your baby needs to be evaluated or cared for by the neonatologist, what role will they play? How are the routine visits scheduled? Do they follow the visit and immunization routines recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics?

Can you choose the practitioner you want to see? Is there an advice nurse available on the phone throughout the day? How are after-hours calls handled? There are a number of questions that you may have to further refine your impressions. Make sure you think them through so they are clear and easily answered.

Raising healthy and happy kids can be the most significant and rewarding part of your life and it is important that you have the support and expertise that you trust. Finding a pediatrician you can trust and work with will be an important investment.

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