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Deana Moody, DDS
Sport Mouth Guards
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Sport Mouth Guards

To avoid injuries to your mouth while you’re playing sports it’s highly recommended that you wear an athletic mouth guard.

What Is a Mouthguard?

A mouthguard is a flexible appliance that is worn during athletic and recreational activities to prevent injuries to your mouth and face, such as split lips, broken teeth, and jaw fractures.

When Should I Wear A Mouth Guard?

It is advisable to wear a mouth guard any time there is a strong chance of your head making contact with other participants or hard surfaces. Mouthguards should be worn when participating in activities such as basketball, softball, football, wrestling, soccer, lacrosse, rugby, hockey, martial arts, and skateboarding.

What Are The Different Types Of Mouthguards?

There are several types of mouthguards

Stock mouthguards The least expensive option is a ready made stock item, which offers the least protection since little can be done to adjust the fit. The stock mouthguard provides very little protection and are not comfortable.

Mouth-formed mouthguards There are two types of mouth-formed mouthguards. The first is a shell-liner mouthguard and the other is a thermoplastic or “boil and bite” mouthguard. These mouth guards provide some protection but it can be bulky and have a loose fit.

Custom-made mouthguards When it comes to injury prevention, a custom made mouthguard is the best option.

This type of mouthguard, which is made by your dentist, offers the best protection, fit, and comfort because it is made from a model of your teeth.

Recent dental research has shown that properly fitted mouthguards may help reduce the incidence of severe concussions or sports related mild traumatic brain injuries in athletes.

Ask your dentist about a custom mouthguard at your next dental check up. You also have the option of customizing them with colors, designs and even team logos.

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