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Kalpna Ranadive, DMD, MDS, NMD, IBDM
Smiles Are Optional, Your Health Is Not!
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Smiles Are Optional, Your Health Is Not!

Smiles Are Optional, Your Health Is Not!

Ayurveda – A Time-Tested Bridge That Connects Beauty, Smile and Health

Divided focus by specialists may create intended localized results in say your mouth, heart, brain or hips and other 160 current divided medical specialties. But a patient with the best smile, heart or spine may ping pong between specialists only hoping for someone to fix the whole and not just parts of the whole body, mind and emotions.

The divide and rule focused health care system today rather than alleviating, sometimes amplifies health issues due to wasted time and disconnected diagnosis.

On the flip side, every cell in the body talks and comes to the aid of each other 24/7. Our body as a whole is constantly interacting and influenced by mother nature, other human beings, animals, trees, sun, moon, man made technology and innovations just to name a few.

Ayurveda, the traditional East Indian health care system, acknowledged all of the above and was designed to help humanity, no matter where you lived on the planet. It respects the patient as a whole and integrated human being, without dividing the body into micro parts. It is the oldest (10,000+ years old) and the most well documented health care system used even today by over a billion people around the globe. Things like turmeric, neem, coconut oil pulling, yoga, meditation, chakras, all stemmed from Vedic systems. Ayurveda scientifically goes on to prove how the mouth is connected to the mind and peace of mind to emotions and how emotions in turn affect disease progress or outcome. It can also masterfully teach you how to tap into your innate body healing power and put your body into automated beauty promoting self-healing mode, without aid of any diet or pills.

The beauty of modern dentistry lies in the advances that have been made in technology, precision and efficiency that makes high-speed dentistry possible. The beauty of ancient wisdom like Ayurveda is that it acknowledges the mouth-body-mind as one whole unit without dividing it into mini body parts. From humming, singing, yoga, meditation to learning self-control of your health and habits, there are thousands of free and easy to implement solutions in Ayurveda that can complement everything done today in dentistry via modern technology.

Clear aligners ordered via dentist or social media may move your teeth to look good. A dentist may attempt to fix your TMJ using dental appliances or pull/cut down your teeth into crowns or implants and get you out of pain. But do you truly know if your smile compliments your overall health and well-being, or did you just get a beautiful and expensive smile-teeth-pain relief fix?

Human mouth is an epicenter that nourishes, connects, breathes and does more for the entire body. It is the only opening that voluntarily allows solid, liquid and air to pass into the body while allowing one to express his/her true feelings, thinking or creations on the inside via words.

If you have to fix your teeth alignment or other issues in the mouth including sleep apnea, TMJ and neck issues, then might as well fix them while taking your whole body into consideration, and not in a piece-meal fashion.

A long-term body preservation and mindful approach is to blend best of precision technology along with ancient wisdom.  Incorporating blended solutions that pay attention to balance in your mouth as well as your whole body while aligning your teeth into a beautiful smile, can save anyone time, unnecessary pain and loss of money.

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