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Shadi Saba, DDS
Now You See Them, Or Maybe You Don't
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Now You See Them, Or Maybe You Don't

Who says braces are just for kids? Certainly not the estimated one million adults in the United States and Canada who have chosen orthodontic treatment as the route to better oral health and emotional well-being.
According to the American Association of Orthodontists, there are about five million U.S. and Canadian orthodontic patients; of that number, the AAO estimates that one out of five of these patients are over the age of 18. Which means you probably know an adult who is wearing braces but doesnt necessarily mean you know they are. For instance, lingual braces are attached to the backs of the teeth and therefore are less visible.
Though lingual braces arent for everybody they dont solve all orthodontic problems, and they generally prolong treatment time somewhat they represent one of the treatment options now available to adults considering braces.
Behind the scenes
Braces have helped shape famous faces, including Cher, basketball star David Robinson, and golf great Hale Irwin, all of whom underwent orthodontic treatment as adults.
But, whether in the glare of the cameras or just everyday people conscious of their appearance, many adults who decide to take the plunge and opt for braces find the only real challenge with treatment is working regular visits to the orthodontist into a busy schedule. As is the case with younger patients, successful completion of treatment for adults involves cooperating with the orthodontists instructions.
Teeth can be moved at any age. Adults understand the investment in a beautiful and healthy smile. And, since theyre generally footing the bill for treatment often with the assistance of their employers dental coverage theyre more likely to keep their braces clean, as well as wear elastics and retainers as instructed.
Less Metal
Adults are discovering that todays high-tech materials are light-years away from the “metal mouth” look they may have been familiar with as teenagers. Some recent innovations include clear or tooth-colored brackets and the sophisticated engineering of the tooth-moving wires, which has increased their tensile strength and flexibility. As a result, treatment times may be reduced in some cases, meaning less time spent in braces.

Orthodontics Can Improve Oral Health, Boost Self-Image
Braces dont just change looks they can improve outlooks. The art and science of orthodontics has greatly enhanced the quality of life for many people of all ages. Patients say they no longer feel the urge to cover their mouths self-consciously whenever they laugh or smile.
Orthodontic patients come from all walks of life, and their personal stories are uniquely compelling. Some are strikingly attractive. But others are grateful they dont get a second glance on the street today because before orthodontic treatment, people may have stared at them.
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