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Jeffrey L. Brown, DDS
How the Dentist Can Improve Lives
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How the Dentist Can Improve Lives

In the field of health and medicine, there is a lot of new research that health care practitioners need to pay attention to, especially the research that came out of UVA Hospital last year. This research, according to the reports, is about to change medical textbooks across the globe.

Basically, it confirms that the brain has a lymphatic drainage system. What this means is that for years it was believed that the brain did not have a system in place to drain out the debris, i.e. the 'crud', that builds up each and every day from normal use. Now researchers have proven that the brain does indeed have a lymphatic drainage system and that if it does not drain at night, then beta-amyloid particles can build up and lead to such debilitating problems as Alzheimer's, autoimmune disorders, ADD, and OCD.

As an advanced lightwire functional device (ALF) dentist, the importance of this research is amazing. The ALF appliance is designed to open the airway, properly posture the tongue, and develop the face forward growth required to keep the cranial structures moving properly and in good health. This appliance is the only dental device that promotes good cranial motion, which is required to pump cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and to keep the lymphatic system draining better at night. All of this is what helps keep the body as a system in good shape. Think of it like a well-tuned automobile the oil flows well to keep the engine well lubricated and running at peak performance, just like all the fluids in the brain flow better when there are less restrictions.

The ALF appliance is made of a specialty wire from Elgiloy aerospace the makers of some of the most high-tech wires in the world. The wire is actually activated by the patient's own body heat and tongue pressure. It is adjusted on a monthly basis in order to be sure that it stays level in all dimensions, which promotes levelness of the cranial bones. In order to achieve the best result with the ALF appliance it is often necessary to work with an osteopath doctor to further assist in the leveling process. The results are often amazing when comparing x-rays only one year after treatment begins.

A good way to tell if you or a loved one is a candidate for the ALF is to simply look at the person. If the eyes/ears/eyebrows are not level, then likely the cranial bones are having some kind of distortion issue and could use the help. The ALF is also an amazing tool in reducing head and neck pain think of it like this it promotes better cranial motion, sort of like doing exercise, so it gets things moving and pumping and feeling better overall. It is great for both young and old because it gets things moving like Mother Nature intended all along.

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