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James M. Brinster, DDS
Healthy Teeth, Healthy Body
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Healthy Teeth, Healthy Body

It wasnt so long ago that many people accepted tooth loss and the use of dentures as a natural part of getting older. Today, however, that simply is not the case. People want naturally beautiful and healthy teeth for life.
Interestingly, what many people do not realize is that, according to recent studies, maintaining healthy teeth and gums also has a direct impact on a variety of overall health considerations, including the presence of heart disease. It is becoming a widely known fact daily brushing and flossing is an absolutely essential part of maintaining a healthy body.
Think of it this way The mouth is a vulnerable entry point for bacteria the same bacteria that are associated with serious conditions, such as heart disease, stroke and pre-term low-birth weight babies. In addition, when the body has to cope with oral infections, it makes it susceptible to other health challenges.
Recent research has only confirmed the importance of keeping
the mouth as free of gum disease as possible. The health community all agrees that the benefits of proper oral care extend far beyond the mouth. Paying attention to good oral care is one of the easiest ways to positively impact your overall health. Also, it is likely that the time and money invested in dental preventive care will save money on medical care at some point in the future.
Dental problems can affect overall health in subtle ways that may be hard to link to issues with your mouth. For instance, dental problems can cause headaches, face pain, and can affect sleeping patterns, appetite and mood. For these reasons, it is important to visit your dentists office for regular hygiene visits and be sure to discuss your overall health status with your dentist. Just as important, be sure to tell your physician about any dental problems you may be experiencing as well.

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