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Maribel Vann, DDS
Does Mouth and Back Pain Cause You Distress?
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Does Mouth and Back Pain Cause You Distress?

Does Mouth and Back Pain Cause You Distress?

An important concept that has emerged from dental research is the dental distress syndrome. This is a syndrome routinely affecting the jaws, temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ), spinal posture, as well as changes throughout the entire biologic system.

It is a concept that the dental profession is just beginning to discuss openly. Yet, it is vital that all medical and dental practitioners become aware of, understand and learn to deal with the variety of health problems involved so that patients will receive proper, complete care. In short, all parts of the body are connected as a whole. Pain elsewhere in the body; such as neck, shoulder, back, and hip pain could be happening because of a misaligned bite. Research has shown how closely these structures are linked.

Dental distress syndrome results from a misaligned bite which causes an imbalance to the chewing muscles leading to a reciprocal imbalance of the neck and shoulder muscles. This disturbs the postural relationships of the structures of the head including the mouth, neck, shoulders, spine and pelvis creating a powerful and dominant condition that causes constant distress to the body.

Straining or pressure on one part of the body will produce a correlative adjustment on the other parts of the body. These symptoms continue unless a balanced upper and lower jaw relationship is achieved.

The jaws, the teeth and their supporting tissues, the chewing muscles and the TMJ are all part of the components of the chewing mechanism. However, these are not only the structures necessary for chewing, swallowing, speech and breathing.

The other structures in the neck such as the trachea, larynx, and thyroid and circoid cartilages, with their accompanying musculature, are also involved.

If you are suffering from pain elsewhere in the body that cannot be resolved, it could be coming from a misaligned bite. The before photograph below shows the upper and lower jaws are up to the left. The after photograph shows a level upper and lower jaw after treatment with the advanced lightwire functional (ALF) appliances.

Disclaimer The material presented in this article is intended to enlighten those individuals who may be seeking alternative means of treatment. No claim is made that such products, techniques, or devices will cure or improve any health condition. Any alternative therapies mentioned in this article should be viewed as adjuncts to conventional medical and dental practice and not a replacement. Patients treated wtih the ALF Appliances are also encouraged to see an osteopathic physician with cranial skills or other health care professionals.

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