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Tontra Lowe, DDS
Cavities and Your Child’s School Performance
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Cavities and Your Child’s School Performance

Cavities and Your Child’s School Performance

Thank goodness, I am so excited! I can’t believe summer is over. Where did the time go? No more sleeping in, I guess. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

From the excited preschooler to the working parents with childcare woes, heading back to school is a welcome change for so many families. As you get the new book bag selected, clothes purchased, and lunch menus ready, don’t forget to restart those good brushing habits.

Summer can leave so many precious memories for everyone. The smell of sea salt and the rush of the beach waves may still be in the minds of your children as they prepare for the new school year. The goofy selfies taken, along with some of the scars from long bike rides, and your child’s favorite skateboard will serve as great conversation starters for months to come at the family dinner table. Typically during all of these fun times, keeping teeth clean and gums healthy don’t really come to mind when people ask how your summer break was spent. Now is the time to get back on track.

Parents should remember that cavities are the number one childhood illness that affects children. Although Little John and Cindy may have smaller and fewer teeth, they still hurt like big ones when they are infected or have massive decay. Research has shown that children with deep decay perform poorly in school since it is so hard to concentrate with a tooth-ache. Just like you may have to set new boundaries for sleep patterns (no more staying up all night playing X-box games), you will need to implement the same strategy for brushing and flossing.

If you have not taken your children in to see the dentist for their back-to-school cleaning and check-up, please call your local dental professional immediately to do so. Getting them back on track as quickly as possible will ensure a less stressful and healthier school year. You never know when Old Man Winter will wreck plans for an early summer start, but with consistent dental visits with fluoride treatments, you can ensure Mr. Tooth Pain stays away as long as possible. Backpack, lunch box, homework, gym suit, notebookhere we go again!

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