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Snehal Patel, DDS, MD
Are You a Silent Sufferer?
Lorton Dental Implant, Oral & Facial Surgery

Are You a Silent Sufferer?

I have been approached by a number of patients lately who I now refer to as “Silent Sufferers”.

They present with multiple broken teeth, inflamed and sensitive gums, and mobile teeth as well. They may have bad breath associated with this as well. They are self conscious of their appearance. This causes them to refrain from smiling and laughing.

Furthermore, they have trouble eating. Their diet is affected as they keep to soft foods. These people suffer for many years. They are embarrassed by their predicament and do not discuss this with their friends and families.

There is more research emerging that poor teeth can lead to various system illnesses such as cardiovascular disease. These are problems that should not be neglected.

They avoid the dentist either to fear of the dentist or humiliation.

I encourage you to consult with your local oral surgeon or dentist. There are multiple treatment strategies today that can have your bad teeth removed, and sometimes even replaced in the same day with dental implants. This can be done comfortably with IV sedation in the office.

If this sounds like you or a loved one, I encourage you to consult your dentist or oral surgeon and learn of the different options that may be available to you.

Here was a recent correspondence that I received from a patient

“My question was how to go about booking a consultation, and if you had some type of partial financing as I am self employed. I have saved up a down payment but am worried about the severity of my dental issues. Basicly I have multiple broken teeth and receding gums, which I am now to the point of only being able to eat soft food. It is also effecting my income as I deal with the public. If there is any way possible to help my health please let me know as I can be reached most hours of the day. Thanks for your time.”

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