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Monica Marusceac, owner
Three Easy Steps For Making Change Happen In a Big Way
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Three Easy Steps For Making Change Happen In a Big Way

Regardless of what we want to achieve in 2018, the key to success comes from within through changes in our thinking and our outlook. Few things work as well as hypnosis on getting the sub-conscious on-board for change.

Hypnosis can help you with wide-range of behavioral, physical and emotional issues. Yet, while hypnosis is a proven technique for addressing root causes of problems, most people start looking for a new strategy to accomplish their goals instead of searching for a new mindset. For example, people will adopt a new diet to lose weight but will not dedicate time to clearing out the mental clutter that led to the weight gain in the first place. Or they will invest in a new “How To” program for improving productivity at work but won't investment any resources in eliminating the toxic thoughts and limiting beliefs that undermined their productivity in the first place.

If you're tired of making new resolutions every year only to have them fall by the wayside before January is over, do yourself a favor this year and try a new approach, which can be accomplished in three easy steps.

Step 1 Identify Your Values

Living a life in alignment with your values is step one in making lasting change. Your values are defined as your judgment of what is important in life. Your values determine what makes you happy in relationships, in different work environments, and in life in general. Do you crave variety and excitement? Or do you crave stability and consistency?

People often perceive their lives as stressful or unsatisfying when the lives they live violate what they value most in life. When people are not living their values, they often try to fill the emptiness in other ways such as by eating too much, drinking too much, working too much, etc.

Step 2 Identify Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are false beliefs that prevent us from living full and satisfying lives. People may, as an example, find that drinking affects their health in adverse ways but have the limiting belief that they can only relax by drinking. A person who holds this limiting belief will rarely be able to avoid drinking altogether or even to drink in moderation.

Oftentimes, we are not even aware of our limiting beliefs because they are so deeply ingrained in our personal story. The easiest way to identify limiting beliefs is to take note of times when we say to ourselves or to others, “I have to —– in order to ——” or “I've always been ——-” or “If I don't —— then I can't ——-.” As you notice your limiting beliefs, jot them down in a notebook or journal.

Step 3 Create a New Story
For Yourself

After you've identified one or more limiting beliefs that you would like to eliminate, the next step is to identify your truth. Your truth can usually be found by rewriting a limiting belief into a belief that has a positive connotation. For example, to eliminate the limiting belief, “I can only relax by drinking,” simply rewrite the sentence to say “Drinking often leaves me feeling tired and depressed the next day.”

This would be the “new truth” and could serve as the foundation for a new personal story.

One's personal story is a combination of personal values and positive beliefs and is best created after thorough introspection with the help of a professional trained in mindset change techniques.

With the right mindset and an uplifting personal story, you can achieve anything you desire.

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