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Testosterone + Bathing Suit = Great Summer
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Testosterone + Bathing Suit = Great Summer

Jim tried everything from increasing his time in the gym to virtually starving himself. One day he saw an ad for hormone replacement and called for an appointment. After determining his blood levels were low, he was treated with bioidentical testosterone time-release pellets.

After several months, Jim's testosterone was restored to optimal levels. His belly did a disappearing act, as his body became firmer and more defined. “I can't remember feeling and looking this good,” he said.

Testosterone works in both men and women to
Increase lean muscle mass,
Increase energy,
Increase sex drive,
Build bone mass,
Help with depression and anxiety,
Help with aches and pains, and
Decrease abdominal fat.

Fat to muscle ratio increases because your testosterone decreases, usually due to stress or aging.

There are plenty of books to advise you on what to eat and how to exercise to lose weight. It's a necessary start, but it is not enough. You must also address the hormone deficiencies that underlie almost all accumulation of excess weight. Any diet that doesn't take hormones into account won't provide lasting results.

Benefits To Women

A little testosterone goes a long way in restoring the youthful shape you once had, especially if you go to the gym a few times a week. Testosterone adds muscle back to the body that supports the curves you once had. Your fat to muscle ratio flips, and you'll notice a more toned and defined figure. You will quickly discover more energy and the desire to be more active. Your strength and endurance will surprise you. You won't fatigue as easily and your joints won't ache like they used to.

In addition, studies have shown testosterone also has cardiovascular protective functions. A combination of testosterone and estrogen has been shown to have beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, especially concerning lipids, atherogenesis and vasodilatation. Healthy hormone levels have been shown to improve good cholesterol and lower triglyceride levels.

If you have tried everything but still the weight won't come off, consider hormone replacement. It could be all about the hormones.

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