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Rebakah Jones, LMT, ICT
Stress Is the New Russian Roulette
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Stress Is the New Russian Roulette

Stress is one of the top triggers for most diseases and health conditions from tension headaches, to migraines, to chronic pain, high blood pressure, lymphedema, to cancer. The doctor can prescribe medication to subside your symptoms to your condition, however when you treat your body with chemicals that are not natural it can cause the body to have an adverse reaction, which is the body rejecting the medication and those are called side effects.

Now instead of treating the diagnosed health condition or disease, they begin to treat you for your side effects. Unfortunately, the revolver is now loaded, and your health is in jeopardy. Nevertheless, did you know that most of the common health conditions can be treated by massage therapy or some other source of alternative medicine?

With living in a time of instant gratification, eagerness for success in our careers and daily family lives, we are surrounded by stress. Being engulfed in stress without an outlet to manage it leads to it being internalized, which intern manifest in the body and create diseases. It starts off with something as simple as muscle tension, which slowly escalates to occasional tension headaches, which then turns into daily migraines. As things are unfolding your blood pressure is slowly elevating, which left untreated evolves into heart disease.

Now you are at the point where you need to see your doctor for uncontrolled blood pressure. Instead of prescribing a stress management solution that has long term effects on the body they give you prescribed medication. Prescribed medication may be necessary for temporary situations but not a permeant fix. With prescription medications three things can happen – your body has an immediate short-term side effect or rejection; secondary is the delayed rejection of 5-10 years; lastly long-term treatment may lead to organ damage. As you proceed to follow-up with your doctor now you are showing signs of another health condition.

Do not play Russian roulette with your health. Alternative medicine, such as massage therapy, may help reduce the primary triggers for your disease and either reduce your signs or symptoms or get rid of it all together with regular treatments. Massage therapy and the different modalities address the dysfunctions of the body and assist in the removal of the bullet within the revolver, and it does not require you to pull the trigger. You can start with a relaxing treatment such as a Swedish massage, then slowly evolve to treat the other dysfunctions occurring in the body. Your life is more precious than playing a dangerous game meant for you to lose.

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