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Rebakah Jones, LMT, ICT
Spring Forward Into Self-Healing
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Spring Forward Into Self-Healing

We are living in a new age where western medicine and society’s new normal for instant solutions to problem solving health conditions is plaguing our ability to heal our mind, body and spirit holistically. Western medicine places a temporary band-aid of prescription drugs on the onset of health conditions that stem from chronic stress. Unfortunately, this can cause severe long-term effects such as decreased function of vital organs, an increase of foreign substances in our body, which can alter the genetics to our future family generations, a faster deterioration of the mind and body, and lastly an early death.

However, with collective treatments of the mind, body and spirit, self-healing can happen which will restore balance and peace of mind. Holistic medicine helps with getting your body back to a functional healthier state of being.

Western medicine’s go-to for problem solving health conditions is causing more damage than good. The effects of chronic stress develop into mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, mood disorder, psychotic disorders, dementia, eating disorders and more. Those mental effects harm the body and spirit, by manifesting other secondary health conditions. Most of the secondary health conditions such as excess weight gain or weight loss, high blood pressure, and diabetes all have some serious consequence to the body, but can often be reversed.

A prescription drug may help temporarily control secondary health conditions but not without creating side effects to important parts of the body. The chemicals used to make prescription drugs cause side effects ranging from kidney and liver failure to addictions, mental health conditions, and symptoms leading to cardiac arrest, and cancer. All of this damage occurring to the body from secondary health conditions and primary conditions still goes unaddressed. Consider what health would be like if more people practiced self-healing with holistic medicine.

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