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Kyle Brooks, LMT
Shiatsu and Massage Are Great For the Skin and Face
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Shiatsu and Massage Are Great For the Skin and Face

The largest organ in your body, your skin, has many functions. It provides a protective physical barrier, it allows the body to regulate temperature, it retains moisture, protects us from UV rays, is a sensory organ (touch and temperature), and produces Vitamin D.

The skin is an intricate part of our immune system. It detects infections and provides a biochemical barrier.

The skin reflects our general health and our emotions, so it is important to take care of this organ.

Eat healthy whole foods, drink sufficient amounts of water, avoid excessive exposure to the sun, smoke and other chemical irritants, and get lots of sleep. And avail yourself of a good massage and/or facial on a regular basis.

Shiatsu facial massage is done without oils or lotions, so it is safe for sensitive skins. It works the skin, muscles, and fascia, and stimulates particular tsubos (meridian points).

A good shiatsu facial can relax facial and eye muscles, reduce puffiness under the eyes and improve blood circulation, skin tone and elasticity. Regular sessions encourage moisture retention, which provides a more youthful appearance.

Full body shiatsu provides profoundly deep relaxation ah… relief from the daily stresses such as muscles tension, headaches, and anxiety. Regular sessions can bring a greater self-awareness and more complete connection of body, mind and spirit.

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