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Shawn D. Keegan, DC
Running? Increase Performance and Decrease Pain
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Running? Increase Performance and Decrease Pain

Increase Performance and
Decrease Pain

Follow These Tips For Best Results

Race season is in full swing now that the weather is warm and the sun is out. The National Marathon in DC, the Boston Marathon, and the Rockn Roll Marathon in San Diego have all been run so far this season, and all you runners out there who havent signed up for your next race are still busy training through the summer. I have a few tips and some good research to back them up to help you along the way to reach your goals this and next season.

1. When those extra miles cause a little pain dont take Ibuprofen. A research study of the runners in the Western States Ultramarathon (100 mile run) showed that the runners who took ibuprofen to deal with their aches and pains actually increased the oxidative stress on their systems considerably more than those who took nothing. Source Medicine And Science In Sports And Exercise.

2. Want to run the distance with less effort? Hit the weights. Sports Medicine review of the literature shows that although weight training cant do much for your aerobic capacity or your lactate threshold, it can help to increase your running economy by up to eight percent. That may not sound like much, but when the runs get long every little bit of saved energy helps.

3. Want the perfect off day exercise to complement your running? Try Yoga.Scan through any of the current running magazines and you will notice that all of them are recommending Yoga as the perfect complement to running. It is a great way to balance muscles and flexibility and enhance focus and power, and prevent injury.

4. Want to improve overall athletic performance? Get adjusted. A research study compared athletes who got adjusted to a group who did not and found that after 12 weeks the group who received chiropractic adjustments were 30% faster than the control group. A properly aligned spine can help minimize your chance of injury and definitely enhances the effect and efficacy of your workout.

So get out there and run, but remember those tips to keep your runs pain free and your performance improving. Ill see you on the trail.

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