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Sharon Fussell, LMT, SRT
PTSD and Chronic Pain How Alternative Therapy Can Help
Solace Clinical Massage, LLC

PTSD and Chronic Pain How Alternative Therapy Can Help

Recently I was honored to work with a former marine after she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder syndrome (PTSD).

After returning from the Gulf in 1991 she suffered from severe migraines and vertigo, lack of sleep, and seizures. She was subsequently diagnosed with severe depression, hyperactivity and anxiety. At times her suffering was so severe that she considered suicide. Her doctors prescribed an arsenal of medications, which led to more medications. As her concern about using medication long term grew, she began to search for more options in PTSD treatment.

She finally sought out alternative therapy such as massage and spinal reflex therapy (SRT). After her first session of SRT she remembered how good it felt to feel relaxed. She continued SRT treatments and with each session she felt more energetic, less hyper, and less anxious. She eventually began getting off of her medications and in 2012 she was only on natural supplements. The therapy had created such a positive change in her life that she was able to begin training for a marathon that fall. She had no more muscle pain or aches like she used to have in previous years of running.

Alternative therapy such as SRT and massage will release endorphins, serotonin, and enkephalins into the body to help relax the muscles so that the client can have a better way of life, without pain constantly reminding them of something that was so traumatic in their life.

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