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Kambiz Tajkarimi, MD
Myths About Penile Implants
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Myths About Penile Implants

When oral medications and injections fail to produce satisfactory results, many men with ED just give up and begin to convince themselves that their sex life is over and reflect on how good they were in bed 30 years ago. They only dream backwards and give up on their future. But, it’s never too old or too late to make love to your partner. 

Common causes of ED are diabetes, hypertension, heart/vascular disease, smoking, alcohol or drug abuse, neurological conditions/back problems, and pelvic surgery or radiation treatment. A penile implant is definitely one of the most successful ED treatments.

When most men hear about penile implants they say, “No way. It’s not for me.” due to common misconceptions.

A penile prosthesis, or penile implant, is surgically implanted within the corpora cavernosa. It can be performed through a very small incision 1 to 1.5 inches at the scrotum or above the penis. The procedure takes about 15-30 minutes. Patients can resume sexual intercourse after 3-4 weeks.

Myth #1 
Surgery And Recovery Is Too Painful.

With any surgery there will be some pain that will need to be managed with pain medications, but most report the pain to be less than they expected.  After about three months, you will likely not even notice you have an implant.

Myth #2
It’s Going To Be Hard To Use.  It May Go Off By Itself.

Implants are easy to use. You have complete control and there is no way that a well-placed pump will inflate by itself or deflate by itself.

Myth #3
People Will Know – My Partner Will Know.

You cannot see the pump, or feel the pump during sex. You can take a shower in the locker room, and no one will know you have an implant.

Myth #4
It Is Too Expensive.  My Insurance Won’t Cover It.

Penile implants have been covered by Medicare since 1975. Some insurance covers it.  More than 25,000 penile implants were performed last year alone.

Myth #5
I Am Too Old For An Implant.

Men can have sex at any age. Some teens and men in their 90’s have penile implants.

Myth #6
The Implant May Get Infected.

There is the chance of infection, but the rate of implant infection is very low.

If you suffer from severe ED you will likely lose about half an inch of your penis length every year. This loss is permanent and irreversible.

If the ability to have fantastic sex with your partner is important to you, what are your waiting for?

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