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Kalpna Ranadive, DMD, MDS, NMD, IBDM
Mouth Elements That Trigger Whole Body Health Or Disease
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Mouth Elements That Trigger Whole Body Health Or Disease

Mouth Elements That Trigger Whole Body Health Or Disease

Mouth is the largest portal that can be voluntarily opened and viewed directly making it a fantastic diagnostic indicator of visible and invisible disease. A good diagnostician like a detective uses clues missed by many to get to the good or bad within the not so obvious.  

Certain trigger points in the mouth can alert an impending chaos locally or even scattered throughout the whole body. Many people forget that the mouth is not just teeth. There are many components like tongue, cheek, saliva, airway space, muscles, ligaments etc. that constantly interact with other parts of the body

In our daily pursuit of balance and living a disease-free life, it is important to understand three (3) facts about the mouth.

  • Fact #1 – Perfect smile does not equal healthy balanced teeth. 
  • Fact #2 – Radiographically perfect disease-free teeth, bone or gums do not equal a healthy balanced mouth or body.
  • Fact #3 – Imbalanced mouth can trigger years of unnecessary suffering without you ever realizing it.

Timely intervention to catch and remove these disease triggering factors using ancient wisdom blended with modern technology can avoid years of pain and suffering.

Good Diagnosis Helps Swift Intervention

Since mouth triggers create widespread vibrational damage, pain can be felt from head to toe. An unsuspecting patient may then get treated for headaches, TMJ, neck/back/hip pain, acidity, brain fog, sleep apnea, etc., from various medical professionals when in fact the source and solution was in the mouth.

Before any treatment is initiated, the root cause of the problem is best found using best integrated diagnostic tools. Here are a mix of eastern and modern mouth trigger diagnostic tools.

Ayurvedic Diagnostic Tools

Ayurveda is one the oldest integrative East Indian health systems that compliments beautifully with every modern medicine today. It helps a good clinician not only see the unseen but also encourages everyone to learn the basic early diagnostic signs for self-healing.

  • Tongue diagnosis – Ayurvedic tongue diagnosis is a time-tested skill that can alert you not just of oral but also impending body and mind problems.
  • Saliva quotient – Can alert about elemental imbalances at cellular levels.
  • Space encroachment – can alert about teeth cracks, TMJ muscle synchronicity etc.
  • Elemental evaluation – can alert about blocks within various micro channels that can speed or reverse disease progression.

Modern Diagnostic Tools

  • Thermal Scans – Radiation free and Safe. Packed with information about disease patterns, current and future breakdowns with teeth, muscles etc.
  • Bite Analysis – Digital safe scans that can determine teeth alignment with similar precision seen in car wheel alignment technology.
  • Airway analysis – Helps detect obstructions in the oro-nasal-sinus area causing sleep apnea, eye, sinus, throat, immunity issues etc.
  • Vibrational Joint Analysis – Helps detect damaging vibrations radiating to TMJ and associated skeletomuscular area.

Mouth can be a window to not just the body but also mind, spirit, speech, body balance and more. Timely intervention is priceless for an unsuspecting patient who may be about to suffer due to excruciating pain in a location far away from the mouth. 

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