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Susan Macey, CHC, CDP
Losing Weight In 2008
Virginia Center For Health Integration

Losing Weight In 2008

Each year many Americans make resolutions to lose weight, get healthy and reevaluate their priorities. When considering a new weight loss or healthy lifestyle avoid the major pit falls that can turn your best intentions into disappointments.

The first thing you need to do is develop a support team. Trying to lose weight without support can leave you frustrated and lonely. Research shows that partnering up with a buddy increases your accountability, and success. Working with a health counselor to develop a plan will keep you accountable as well as helping you with the emotional roller coaster that accompanies a weight loss program.

Diets often fail due to “addictions” that keep them stuck in old patterns. Begin your weight loss program with a detoxifying cleanse to help break sugar and carbohydrate addictions. Once these things are out of your system you can control cravings with more success.

Create a structured plan. Not using a structured plan can lead you astray in the overwhelming world of fad diets; develop your weight loss plan with your support person. Having a plan to follow is like having a detailed road map toward your destination; you are less likely to get off track.

Include change in your plan. When developing your plan and exercise routine, change it up. Every four weeks make sure you incorporate a change to your work out. This will reduce boredom and help to stimulate further fat loss. As with exercise, make sure you are eating a variety of foods. Sticking to salads everyday can get mundane, so incorporate different foods that are healthy and exciting to eat.

Make nutrition your number one priority; quality food over quantity. The most dramatic weight loss will come from nutrition. Make sure you are eating whole foods, and the right combination of fiber, protein, carbohydrates and vegetables. Not knowing the best food combinations for your body type can sabotage your weight loss efforts. Consult a health counselor to assist you in finding out what is right for your body type.

1. Support Contact a health counselor, support group, or buddy
2. Cleansing for at least three days
3. Create a plan that includes nutrition and exercise, a road map to your success
4. Change your exercise and food every four weeks
5. Eat whole foods, according to your body type for dramatic weight loss

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