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Is Yoga Easy?

Is Yoga Easy?

Contrary to popular belief, yoga isn’t meant to be relaxing. You aren’t just sitting there and feeling at one with the world around you. That would be meditation. Yoga is surprisingly difficult to perform. In fact, if it isn’t presenting you with a challenge, you have selected the wrong yoga poses.

Let’s explain.

Why Yoga Isn’t Easy

When people first start to get interested in yoga, they confuse it with meditation. Meditation, as you know, is a practice where you sit, relax, and absorb the feelings of the world around you. It is a fantastic art that we would actively encourage everybody to engage in. You would be surprised at how good a bit of meditation each week is.

Yoga, on the other hand, is athletic. When doing yoga, you are not only focusing on controlling your breathing (as you would in meditation), but you will be holding tricky poses that push your core to its limits. You will be stretching your body. As you become more advanced with yoga, you will move yourself into positions you never thought possible.

Yoga isn’t easy because it isn’t meant to be easy. If you feel things are a little bit too easy for you, then you aren’t improving your body. Honestly, there would be very little sense in performing yoga exercises if you felt comfortable doing them.

Once you start to get into the swing of things, you will be on a constant quest to find the next yoga pose you can perform. One that gives you a challenge. You may even want to take a different class (beginner to intermediate classes, for instance). We will talk more about making things harder in the next section.

Is Yoga Feeling a Little Too Easy For You?

Reading a guide to Yoga is a great way to get started with yoga, as you become better at the art of yoga, you will want to branch out a little bit.

You should feel that every pose that you make is challenging. If something feels relaxing, or you are able to slip into and maintain a position with ease, then chances are that you have selected the wrong yoga pose.

If you find a pose too easy, and this will happen as you develop your inner core and become more flexible, then you have two options.

The first option is to look for modifications to the pose that you are using. As long as you haven’t invented the pose, which would be pretty tricky to do, we do not doubt that you will find countless modifications online.

Alternatively, you can look into a slightly different style of yoga. Yoga isn’t one unified art. There are countless yoga styles, and it is worth reading a guide to yoga to get a feel for what is out there. You will be surprised at how challenging the practice can get.

Final Thoughts

Yoga isn’t easy. If somebody tells you that yoga is easy, they are not doing it correctly. Yoga is a form of exercise. To get the most out of any exercise, you should constantly push yourself to the limits. This means that you will continuously be shaking up your yoga poses.

We suggest that you start by reading a good guide to yoga. This will introduce you to the concept of yoga and give you a bit of information on how you can develop yourself in the world of yoga. 

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