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Toni Greene, Owner
How Has COVID Affected Your Life?
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How Has COVID Affected Your Life?

How Has COVID Affected Your Life?

COVID-19 and all of its variants have changed our lives dramatically. This viral epidemic of today and tomorrow has changed the world. We are not what we were. We are all brand new and it was not by our choice.

The new life, the new world, has changed and has forced us to adapt, whether we like it or not. We were forced (mandated) to wear masks or face coverings, take a series of vaccines, keep our distance from others and to be cautious and fearful while going on with our newness or new life.

It has not been pretty or fun. It has been down right dauting.

However, every major shift brings about a new discovery; an invention; a new thought process; a new way of self-survival. Every major shift globally or personally has bought about something within you to be discovered. What have you discovered about yourself?

Patience, kindness, empathy, and serving are some of the qualities that have been re-discovered with you and the world during this outbreak. Some have come closer together and other miles apart.

Whether you have come to know yourself is the real question to ask of yourself. Ask yourself, who are you? Ask yourself, what do you really want? Ask yourself, are you taking the steps you need to accomplish the things you want for you? Ask yourself, are you taking care of you? When you take care of you, you can then take care of others.

COVID-19 and other major shifts in our lives (such as death due to COVID-19, or any other reason) has caused a major shift; a new way of thinking and being.

We all know that this is the state of affairs, being it global change, COVID-19, the Delta variant, cancer – whatever it is, it is the new and old state of affairs. The question is – how do you handle yourself during these uncertain times? But aren’t all times uncertain?

What have you discovered about yourself personally that you did not know about you before COVID-19? Perhaps you realized you could cook, write, draw, decorate, or repair?

As for me, I took courses and became proficient in my astrology, numerology, as I call it “the ologies.”

Also, during this time of global, mental and physical elevations, I opened a new center, “the Yoga Annex.” This location came to me, during my time of reflection on myself rather than others. I am in a meditative space as I watch the world change with me in it.

We are all connected. We are in the present time together. We are here together. Have you gotten your COVID -19 shots? Why did you? Why haven’t you?

What is your belief system? What are your beliefs based on? Are your beliefs based on facts or hearsay?

Believe what you choose but know this…thoughts come from thinking, and thinking becomes thoughts. Action follows thought sometimes without thinking. So, what are you thinking? And is it fact or fiction?

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