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Nadu Tuakli, MD, MPH, FAAFP
Hormone Replacement May Help You Get a Better Night's Sleep
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Hormone Replacement May Help You Get a Better Night's Sleep

Do you curtail leisure activities or forego sexual activity and sacrifice exercise because you are too tired?

Do you wake up un-refreshed most days but then accept it as normal and keep going, taking more and more coffee, thinking you will use your weekends to catch up?

If you do stop. Sleep improves the quality, as well as the quantity, of your life. Unfortunately, according to the National Sleep Foundation, only 40% of Americans get enough sleep.

Despite the fact that the need for rest is as basic as the need for water and food, some women have done without sleep for amazing periods of time.

Because it is so common, this is the symptom that results in a lot of women being given ongoing sleep medication, which leads to several complications like addiction, daytime grogginess, and hazardous driving and exacerbates the problem of lack of focus.

Many women are willing to sacrifice sleep to meet a deadline but if there is recurring sleep deprivation it is cumulative and results in what is referred to as sleep debt. The larger the sleep debt the worse it is for your health.

Lack of sleep is bad for you, and it can cause

Increased blood sugar

Elevated stress

Increased stroke, arthritis and heart disease

Disrupted immunity

Impairs thyroid function and causes premature aging.

Isn't it wonderful to know you can knock all this out, just by sleeping? Make sleep a priority. It takes great sleep to make a great life.

If you are trying to sleep and can't, have your hormone levels checked. Getting them balanced with Bioidentical Hormone Treatment (BHRT) can take your sleep to the next level and you can learn to love your mornings again.

BHRT is a more natural form of hormone replacement. The goal is to replace deficiencies and create balance with hormones that are biochemically the same as those that your body makes.

In a nutshell

Hormones are great for reducing migraines.

They can control anxiety, depression, and irritability.

They can relieve hot flashes and night sweats.

They can improve one's ability to focus.

They can promote sound sleep.

They can enhance your libido.

They can restore your zest for life.

All of which are good for you.

The decision to take hormones should be based on your health, on what your symptoms are, and on what your risk factors might be.

In terms of the aging process, there are many things you can do, but none will be more helpful for maintaining a vibrant midlife passage than managing your hormones.

Lastly, remember that menopause is just half way, you have so many more years ahead of you. It is critical to maintain your sanity, sleepand sex (if you want it).

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