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Che Bong Cho, LAc
Fish and Vegetables Are Not Always Healthy Food
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Fish and Vegetables Are Not Always Healthy Food

Fish and Vegetables Are Not Always Healthy Food

Most people think fish and green vegetables are very good for their health, but according to oriental medicine, they are not healthy foods for all people.

In oriental medicine, there are eight different body types according to eight different dynamic orders between twelve organs. Depending on the body type, people should eat different diets or foods for a good, balanced Qi (energy flow).

An acupuncturist can diagnose the eight constitutions to clearly define the eight different body types. They are Mok-Yang, Mok-Yin, To-Yang, To-Yin, Geum-Yang, Geum-Yin, Soo-Yang, and Soo-Yin. Specifically, these can be divided into two large groups as Yang and Yin.

Yang Body Types

Fish and green vegetables are very good foods for Yang body types. They normally have a hot temper and an aggressive, liberal personality. If they eat more meat, they can become ruder or behave wildly and easily get skin diseases or allergies, gout, constipation, hypertension, stomach ulcer, infertility, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and muscle inability.

Yin Body Types

Meats (beef, chicken, pork, etc.) and root vegetables are very good foods for Yin body types to improve the balance of Qi. They are more internal, conservative, and cautious. If they eat more fish and leafy vegetables, they can become more internal. Also, they can develop chronic digestive disease, chronic diarrhea, hypothyroidism, insomnia, cold or tingling in hands and feet, depression, alcoholism, and diabetes.

If people who have Yang body types eat meat all the time, we can quickly or easily recognize some side effects; however, when people who have Yin body types eat more fish and leafy vegetables, the side effects will appear very slowly over the years. Therefore, they (Yin body type) cannot realize that their diets contain foods that are not healthy for their particular personality.

People with different body types require different foods in order to remain healthy. Acupuncturists and herbologists can treat health problems with acupuncture and oriental medicine along with the appropriate diets for that patient’s symptoms.

Fish and vegetables may not be appropriate for everybody, so people should know their body types.

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