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Samuel Pollina, DMD
Current Solutions For Sleep Apnea Are Not Sustainable A New Solution Is Now Available
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Current Solutions For Sleep Apnea Are Not Sustainable A New Solution Is Now Available

Decreased oxygen levels due to the inability to breath for 10 seconds or more during sleep is a form of suffocation like drowning or having a pillow over your face.

The brain responds by fight-or-flight, which increases heart rate. The brain is calling for oxygen, then the heart beats faster with no oxygen to be found, increasing the risk for heart attack or stroke. This is what can happen during snoring or sleep apnea and for some people this is a serious issue that needs a medical solution.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) works as a solution for some patients, but can be cumbersome and uncomfortable. Surgery works for some patients, but it is expensive and can be severe and scary. So, what do you do if you've either tried these two solutions and they haven't worked, or you're new to sleep apnea and snoring and just started looking for a treatment option?

The complexity of solving this issue becomes difficult for many patients, with different experts and different doctors suggesting a number of different options. That is the problem. You're left to choose and many times the choice is far from clear.

Many patients start by doing research on the internet, so a decision can be made from an informed viewpoint, thinking that clarity will come from education.

What normally happens is that even educated patients don't pick a sustainable solution initially. They pick a starting point. There is now a proven starting point that all new patients should consider as the first treatment for mild to moderate sleep apnea, or as an alternative management plan for CPAP intolerance.

On the other end are patients who have tried everything, usually with the best guidance that medicine has to offer. Many of these patients end up with a history of different management and approaches tried over many years, with frustratingly ineffective results. Here too there is an option a final solution that is liberating and offers a life-changing end to the treatment quest.

In all cases, management of mild to moderate sleep apnea, or CPAP intolerance and snoring, is a journey that takes time. This new treatment and management option will allow the patient to sleep comfortably with an intra-oral appliance with nothing on your nose or face.

Wide scale use of this snoring and sleep apnea dental appliance solution is just now gaining momentum because of trained dentists who have completed course work at UCLA, or who have attained recognition and training through other universities or the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. Patient results are validating the effectiveness of this approach for many cases.

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