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Rachel Strass, DOM, LAc
Chinese Medicine On Diet, Nutrition and Exercise
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Chinese Medicine On Diet, Nutrition and Exercise

This is the perfect time of year to discuss weight control and nutrition. According to Chinese Medicine’s Law of the Five Elements, the earth element is most active between seasons and has to do with digestion and thought, both of which happen in the stomach. No wonder you could worry yourself sick over food. The biggest inhibitors to weight loss are wrong thinking and wrong eating.

Wrong thinking is any kind of thought that has no resolution or makes you feel sick. Thinking the same thing over and over without end actually hurts your digestion and makes it harder to get nourishment from your food. In addition, some foods are better than others are for the earth element. Finally, walking supports digestion, so a daily walk is key.

When the earth element is getting the right kind of food, for thought and stomach, it naturally heals cravings, bloating, blood sugar issues, and so on. So the question becomes, what food is right for you? Everyone is different, so if you want to create a program, it is best to consult a professional. Nevertheless, here is a basic list of foods that will support the earth element and help with weight loss for most people:

• Vegetables and fruits

• Healthy fats: (butter, coconut oil, and whipping cream)

• Meats and proteins (tofu included)

• Water and tea

Here is a list of foods that can attack the earth element, make it harder to lose weight, or even cause weight gain in many people:

• Sugar: (Sucrose, dextrose, maltose, any kind of syrup)

• Wheat: (Whole wheat, whole grain, and wheat products)

• Dairy: (Milk, ice cream, cheese, and yogurt.)

• Alcohol: (makes you think twice about sugar alcohol, doesn’t it?)

It’s not a big surprise, but it is very simple. Eat the foods that you know will support the earth element and avoid the ones that will attack it. Go for a walk every day. And most importantly, don’t worry about anything. Over time, your mind and body will feel differently and start to reshape itself. As the years go by, with right thinking and right eating, you will get calmer, leaner, and stronger, not the other way around. This is how holistic medicine looks at health, in the long term. Slow changes over time tend to be lasting changes.

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