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Cheer Up With Bioidentical Hormones
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Cheer Up With Bioidentical Hormones

Feeling sad? Irritable? Not in the holiday spirit? Consider hormone supplements. Your hormone levels may have something to do with your anxiety, depression or changing emotions. Have your hormone blood levels checked and feel your best for the new year.


Low estrogen levels can cause severe PMS, depression and serious mood swings in some menopausal women. Restoring hormones to pre-menopausal levels at the earliest opportunity can potentially help avoid the risk of deeper, more serious depression.

Three key aspects of lifestyle that impact mood are hormones, exercise and nutrition. Of these, hormones are the simplest for a health practitioner to diagnose.

Hormonal loss can make you feel like you are going crazy. There is a reason Suzanne Somers labeled the common symptoms of the change of life






Itchy and

All dried up

Hormones influence mood for about 70% of women. In menopause, many women find that their moods are improved by taking estrogen. Women who struggle with depression are often responsive to hormone therapy and see improvement with a low dosage of estrogen.


Usually the mood symptoms of most men with low testosterone are fairly mild. Some men will say they feel tired, unmotivated or not interested in the things they used to enjoy.

But when men have their testosterone supplemented, some comments are

“I have way more energy.”

“I can keep up with the young guys now.”

“My wife is really happy!”

“My co-workers can tell the difference.”

Many men who have low testosterone and get it supplemented with bioidentical pellet therapy or testosterone injections describe improvement in their sexual function, better moods, their partners found them less irritable and their workouts produced bigger muscles. Often they feel more motivated, brighter and energetic.

A comprehensive history, physical and blood panel enables medical practitioners to provide natural hormone replacement specifically for you.

For more vital days and romantic nights, consider hormone supplements.

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