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Bio-Identical Better Than Botox
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Bio-Identical Better Than Botox

Natural hormones aren't just for more energy and better sex they also make you look younger. Supplementing hormones often restores the skin's youthful look. In addition to estrogen you may need to supplement testosterone to keep your skin plumped and hydrated. Natural hormones also will prevent hot flashes and night sweats so you don't look drenched.

The bad news for women is that unless you actually supplement your hormones, most of us will develop wrinkles and sagging skin at an accelerated pace after our 30's. When estrogen levels plummet the visible impact on the skin can be striking. In fact, the effects are often so dramatic that medical practitioners can usually tell just by looking whether a woman is taking hormones or not.

Bio-identical pellet therapy provides a steady stream for time released estrogen and/or testosterone to keep your hormone levels supplemented. This will help you

Have fewer wrinkles

Avoid the appearance of dry or lifeless skin

Prevent thinning of your skin

Become less vulnerable to bruising

Heal more quickly from injuries

Have less inflammation

Develop fewer skin disorders


Estrogen makes women look and feel attractive to others. The inner layer of skin called the dermis has a rich blood supply that is highly estrogen-dependent. When estrogen levels start to fall, there is a drop in the production of collagen and elastin within the inner layer of skin.

A little estrogen increases blood flow to our skin, increasing natural nutrients and oxygen (this is true of the skin in our vagina as well). This returns the natural glow and plumps up our collagen, which retards wrinkles.


When a woman looks in the mirror and notices that her skin isn't as tight as it used to be, her testosterone is declining. By the time most women reach 35, there is a substantial decline in testosterone. Skin tone suffers as the muscles beneath lose their firmness, strength and size.

Exercise and hormone replacement are a winning combination that provide more benefit to your skin than any cream of lotion on the market. Beauty comes from within. When you are taking the proper building blocks, your skin, hair and nails will be strong and healthy.

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