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Lorraine Rimando, RN, BSN, RA
Aromatherapy For Holistic Pain Management
Spiritual Scents Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy For Holistic Pain Management

Whether a person is suffering from an acute pain attack or a chronic pain condition, pain can have an adverse impact on normal daily living and work. Pain is a physical or mental suffering that can be caused by injury, illness, disease, grief, anxiety and so much more. Only the person suffering from pain knows what he or she is really feeling. Essential oils and natural ingredients used in aromatherapy have the ability to provide overall relief to individuals who suffer from any type of pain condition. Aromatic blends not only focus on the physical pain, but also consider other contributing factors that may involve the person's mental and spiritual condition.

Essential oils are volatile substances that occur naturally in a variety of plants. Because of the variety of these complex aromatic substances, they are able to perform many different functions when placed in an aromatic blend. For physical pain relief, the blend would most likely focus on including essential oils that have direct analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and warming or cooling qualities- depending on the individual's actual pain experience. Common essential oils used that possess these abilities include German chamomile, lavender, peppermint, thyme linalool, and cajeput.

For mental and spiritual pain, the aromatic blend would be more complex and very personal. For example, for a person suffering from grief, cypress essential oils would be used for transitioning and moving on with acceptance, bergamot essential oil to alleviate feelings of sadness and hopelessness and lavender essential oil to nurture the person suffering and provide relief from the physical pain this person may also experience. These three essential oils mentioned would work together in a synergy blend to promote balance and relief for this person suffering.

In addition to using a combination of a synergistic essential oil blend, the practitioner making the blend would also take into consideration the type of carrier used. Because essential oils should not be used directly on the skin's surface, a natural “carrier” is used to mix with the pure essential oil for direct application to assist in moving the essential oils into the body. Some examples are aloe vera gel, vegetable oils and natural base creams.

Pain can be disabling, causing the sufferer to experience an adverse impact on normal daily living and work. As a complementary treatment or used alone, aromatherapy can provide relief and hope for those who suffer from many types of pain.

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