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Kyle Brooks, LMT
Alternative and Complementary Medicine Why Should You Consider It?
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Alternative and Complementary Medicine Why Should You Consider It?

You have one body. And the bottom line is you are the one person who must take responsibility for your well being. Many people espouse the position that when you use complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) you are abandoning modern science based medicine.

News flash Traditional medicine and CAM can comfortably coexist. A vast majority of people have used a complementary modality along with their more traditional therapies.

Modern medicine is very useful, with its high-tech diagnosis and surgical procedures and narrowly defined research studies to support their existence. There is no doubt that it saves lives and has improved our public health. We trust our well-trained doctors know what is best for us.

But, what if you could get some relief without serious side effects?

We often use CAM to help us feel better, reduce stress, calm emotions, and to relieve anxiety. Shiatsu and massage can help reduce the side effects of cancer treatments, and allow the patient to feel more in control.

Regular private sessions bring a greater self-awareness, an increased ability to sense and balance your own energy, and mastery of your own health.

Well-intended and deliberate touch brings comfort. Balanced energy promotes physical well-being, improves the immune system; and provides for stronger and more stable emotional health.

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