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Kathryn Nemirovsky, LAc
Acupuncture For Spring Allergies
Kunlun Mountain Acupuncture, Inc.

Acupuncture For Spring Allergies

If you're like many other people, your feelings about springtime are mixed. You welcome with open arms the increased daylight, warm, fragrant air, and all the life and activity that come with this season of awakening from dormancy. But at the same time, you might dread the accompanying symptoms nasal congestion, difficult breathing, sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, headaches, and fatigue as well as the drowsiness or jitteriness that comes with taking antihistamines, the primary conventional treatment.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs are extremely effective at addressing the fundamental, underlying weaknesses and imbalances associated with allergic reactions, and without the unpleasant side effects of medications that only treat symptomatically. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, seasonal allergies are an indication of a deeper disharmony within the bodily ecosystem and the goal of treatment is not to just temporarily alleviate these uncomfortable symptoms, but to bring the body back to its natural state of harmony and full potential, for lasting relief and greater overall health.

According to the principles of Chinese medicine, the cause and treatment of allergic reactions vary from person to person, but always involve the Wei Qi, the body's defensive system. When functioning properly, our Wei Qi maintains a proper boundary between ourselves and outside invaders such as wind-born pollen. Often, allergy symptoms are indicative of a pattern that begins in childhood with a constitutional weakness, implicating both the lung and kidney systems. Some people develop allergies later in life as a result of dietary and lifestyle habits, environmental influences, exposure to toxicity, emotional and/or physical stress, and various other factors.

We can imagine signs and symptoms to be like the oil light on the dashboard of our car. If we were to simply turn off the light without changing the oil, we not only fail to address the real problem we risk creating a bigger one. Conversely, if we perform proper maintenance of our vehicle our body we ensure it will be in the best possible condition to help move us forward in life. In this sense, we can see our suffering in a new light; that which points us toward more vibrant health and well-being.

Imagine being free of spring allergies, and enjoying the season in its full splendor as a breath of fresh air.

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