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Sherri Hudson, CT
Supplements to Support Your Immune System
Holistic Family Health
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Supplements to Support Your Immune System

People spend money and consume various forms of nutritional supplements everyday. Although they can be very beneficial, taking too much can cause negative effects or have no effect at all. This is all due to the systems in your body. A supplement that your body needs may not necessarily be helpful or needed for someone else. It can be very daunting to figure out which supplements your body actually asks for. Fortunately, the Zyto® balance scan can help you do that. 

The Zyto balance scan is a high tech system that reads your body’s biomarkers and gives you a full color 22-page wellness report. This report helps identify which specific toxins inhibits organs and systems in your body. Thus providing you with a  prioritized list of supplements, herbs, essential oils or holistic services your body actually needs. 

How Does It Work?

  • 1. Zyto Hand Cradle – Is a medical device cleared by the FDA to measure the user’s galvanic skin response (GSR). It is not cleared for the diagnosis or treatment of any disease or medical condition. 
  • 2. Galvanic Skin Response – A measure of fluctuations in electrical conductivity of the skin. The user’s baseline is measured by the Zyto hand cradle and is compared to digital signatures in the Zyto database. 
  • 3. Virtual Items – Digital signatures that represent actual items that are found in the Zyto software. The user’s initial GSR reading may have changed following the software running the virtual items so the user runs a second GSR reading.
  • 4. Proprietary Software – The baseline and second GSR measurement become inputs into a unique formula found only in the Zyto software. 
  • 5. Biological Coherence – Numeric values produced by the proprietary algorithms indicate how divergent the second GSR reading was from the baseline. Readings with less variance are considered more biologically coherent while those with higher variance are considered less coherent. 
  • 6. Prioritized Results – An easy to read report is generated displaying rankings of virtual items whose digital signatures resulted in higher biological coherence. This report assists individuals to choose options to maintain their health and wellbeing. 

Contact a health professional who offers the Zyto balance scan and learn how this individualized test can help.  

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