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Maureen McHugh, Feldenkrais
Feeling Better Through Improved Patterns Of Movement
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Feeling Better Through Improved Patterns Of Movement

How is movement produced in the body?

The body is complicated, so let’s start with something simpler: how is movement produced in a door? When someone pushes it, the person gives power. But, thinking mechanically, in what place does the door move? It moves at the hinge. What does it move in relation to? It moves relative to a fixed entity, the frame, which represents the stability of the building and, by extension, of the earth. So, for the opening-and-closing that is the function of a door, there are three relevant parts: the frame, the door itself and the hinge.

Human movement is much more complicated. First of all, there are many more parts: 206 bones that meet in 360 joints. Secondly, while the door has a fixed relationship with gravity, the body has an ever-shifting relationship; it moves over the surface of the earth. Thirdly, the body contacts the earth with difference surfaces; when walking, with the feet, but while doing a somersault, along the back, and, when break dancing, along a much greater number of surfaces.

How does the body handle all this complexity? It reduces complexity by linking small parts into large patterns.

What do you get when the large patterns work well? You feel fantastic. You look fantastic. You can do amazing things.

What happens when the patterns become discombobulated? All the bad things – pain, weakness, hesitation, grumpiness, loss of energy, bad posture and organic damage.

What is needed to regain the rising path? It is necessary to restore and refine the integrity of the patterns.

Can you do this on your own? Not easily. It is very hard to see yourself, and very few people know much about movement patterns. So, the best approach is to work with someone who is trained in a system that understands the deep coordination of the body.

Strength training is attractive, but, by itself, it can cause you problems – because – what happens if you strengthen a bad pattern?

How do you know if your patterns are good? Ask a professional.

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