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Nahal Esmaeili, DC
Skin Care and Chiropractic
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Skin Care and Chiropractic

Skin is the largest organ of the human body. It protects all its structures and regulates body temperature and eliminates toxins by way of perspiration.

Some causes of acne include hormonal imbalances, puberty, premenstrual acne, stress, allergies, and oral contraceptives.

No matter what is causing your acne, there are steps that can help maintain your skin.

  • Avoid foods such as sugar, soft drinks, artificial sweeteners, and processed foods
  • Eat more foods rich in zinc, such as shellfish and sunflower seeds
  • Drink plenty of water daily
  • Exercise regularly as it brings blood to the underlying layers of the skin and flushes impurities through perspiration of the skin
  • Limit dairy products
  • Avoid wearing heavy oily foundation makeup which can clog your pores
  • Do not pick or rub pimples or blackheads to avoid spreading them

Chiropractic can help treat acne by providing the necessary nerve function of the organs that affect the skin. The thoracic spine (specifically T9-T11) correspond with central nerves that control the function of the kidneys, uterus, adrenals and other hormones.

Correcting any form of nerve interference in those segments will enable the full function of those nerves and organs they affect. Chiropractors remove the nerve interference by adjusting the spine and freeing up the affected nerves so that they can perform the communication function between the brain and the body.

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