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Shandon Thompson, DC, CCSP
Picking the Right Chiropractic Physician
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Picking the Right Chiropractic Physician

Picking the Right

Chiropractic Physician

If you are one of the many people who suffer from neck pain, back pain, headaches or other joint and muscle pain, chances are the thought of going to a chiropractic physician has crossed your mind. That being said, how can you find the right doctor that you trust, who is proficient in their field, and attentive to your needs? With a little leg work you will be able to find the right doctor to meet you needs.

Recommendations from family, friends, and co-workers can be one of the best resources. Personal recommendations say a lot about a health care professional. If you cant find personal references, try checking with your primary care doctor.

Dont necessarily rely on whos covered under your insurance plan. Yes, you might save a little money on your visit, but being a network provider does not mean that the doctor has better credentials. Network providers have simply agreed to accept a lower fee from the insurance carrier.

Step one in determining the competence of a chiropractor is to look at their education and experience. Find out what kind of training they completed and what kind of experience they have gained in the field. Do they have advanced postgraduate training and certification? Knowing that they are properly trained and well established can set your mind at ease.

Find out about the techniques and therapies they use most often and what to expect at a typical visit. In restoring proper joint motion, do they only rely on manual techniques involving some degree of pushing and twisting, or do they also incorporate instrument or computer assisted techniques like the use of a Pro-adjuster?

X-ray studies are often used in chiropractic offices, and you will want to find out if your doctor can perform the study in their office or if they are willing to refer you to an x-ray facility. X-ray studies can be very helpful in arriving at a precise diagnosis and ability to better tailor care to your specific needs.

Look for someone who offers you the opportunity for a complimentary tour of the office. This allows you to meet and evaluate the staff, doctor, see what the facility offers, and if it is clean, comfortable, and up to date.

Are you greeted warmly and does the staff give you the sense they really care about you?

And finally, is it a place you would feel comfortable referring your closest friend or family member to?



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