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Nahal Esmaeili, DC
Holistic Healers and You
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Holistic Healers and You

Holistic healthcare is a medical practice that considers the whole person – body, mind and spirit – as necessary in order to achieve true wellness. Holistic practitioners believe that true health is not found in the absence of illness, but in the balance of all three parts of the human experience.

Holistic healers believe that medication and surgery, while helpful for some patients, should only be utilized as the last option. Safe and natural steps such as lifestyle changes like diet and exercise programs, holistic treatments, and stress reduction techniques to increase wellness are the best way to treat disease.

Holistic health practitioners such as chiropractors believe that disease should be treated at its root cause, instead of managing and masking symptoms alone.

Some of the most common styles of holistic treatments include chiropractic care, yoga, massage, nutritional guidance, acupuncture, and herbal medicine.

Your chiropractic team may incorporate several of these treatments in order to help you gain the highest level of wellness possible.

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