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Adam Summers, MD
What Is a Minimally Invasive Facelift?
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What Is a Minimally Invasive Facelift?

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about “no downtime” facelift procedures. But, is it really possible that a cosmetic procedure can offer the results of a facelift without the downtime, side effects or cost traditionally associated with cosmetic surgery?”

A traditional facelift is a procedure where the surgeon makes incisions in front of the ear and, in many cases, behind the ear. This enables the surgeon to access and manipulate and lift the fat and muscle. After this, any excess skin is removed and the face is lifted. Although the incisions are designed to be concealed, permanent scars are left around the ear. Frequently, bruising and swelling are present for several weeks. And, a “wind swept” appearance is a persistent risk, especially in patients with thin skin.

In contrast, a minimally invasive facelift procedure avoids the incisions around the ears. In this case, the surgeon makes a small incision above the ear, hidden in the hairline, to gain access to the fat and muscle that needs to be manipulated. Using specially designed tools, the surgeon can lift the cheeks, jowls and neck which have fallen over time.

Because there are fewer incisions and less tension on the skin, these procedures minimize bruising and eliminate the concern about a pulled or wind-swept appearance.

But “minimally invasive” doesn't mean that the results are minimal. In fact, in many cases, a minimally invasive facelift can achieve the results of a full facelift and the results can last for just as many years.

Using only a small incision above each ear, the SMART Facelift lifts the cheeks, jowls and upper neck while avoiding the downtime, scars, side effects and cost traditionally associated with cosmetic surgery. In fact, many patients achieve the results of a full face and necklift in about an hour, with no downtime.

Because there is limited tension on the skin, there is never a wind-swept appearance. And the procedure is less than half the cost of a more traditional facelift, with patients typically paying around $6,000 for the entire procedure.

Patients of all ages have enjoyed the benefits of the SMART Facelift, including homemakers, school teachers, doctors, attorneys and public figures who enjoy their refreshed appearance without having a lot of downtime.

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