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Ross VanAntwerp, MD
ThermIVA® For Non-surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation
Laser Center of Maryland
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ThermIVA® For Non-surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

For over a decade medical devices have used radio-frequency (RF) energy to non-invasively rejuvenate and shrink facial skin. The FDA recently approved the use of ThermIVA, an RF device for vaginal rejuvenation. It tightens vaginal laxity, increases lubrication, and improves urinary stress incontinence.

The vaginal wall and the labia are composed of connective tissue, blood vessels, and nerves that get stretched and thinned with childbirth and age. As a result, more than 50% of women develop some degree of urinary stress incontinence, vaginal laxity and dryness. Many women report decreased sexual satisfaction associated with these changes. Laxity of the labia often causes irritation and discomfort when wearing tight clothing or during sexual intercourse.

Previous treatment options included little more than absorbent garments, Kegel exercises, vaginal creams, or major surgery. Furthermore, sexual function is an intensely personal subject that many patients have been reluctant to discusswith their physicians.

But this effective technology is changing the conversation. ThermIVA technology helps younger and older women impacted by childbirth and aging.

The recently released RF device, ThermIVA, tightens the vaginal vault, decreases stress incontinence, restores natural lubrication, and significantly increases orgasmic response. Tightening of the labia improves aesthetic appearance and function.

Best results occur with three treatment sessions spaced one month apart. Treatment is comfortable anddoes not require any anesthesia. The patient may resume normal activity, including sexual intimacy, immediately.

ThermIVA treatments are yet another non-surgical medical treatment designed to enable women to maintain an active lifestyle in spite of the changes associated with motherhood and aging.

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